Surgical Nurse Jobs

Surgical nursing jobs are one of the Top 10 jobs today. There was a time when nursing was considered to be at the bottom of the ladder and today nursing is almost at the top. There is a demand for nurses and too many jobs are lying vacant. Basically, it also means that the health industry is under staffed. There are many people today who have enrolled into various institutions and vocational colleges to fulfill this demand including that of a surgical nurse job.

The surgical nurse job market is becoming more lucrative as the average salary has increased in the last couple of years with California leading the table. It is not just the salary, there are benefits, perks and the most important aspect is that it is considered to be a noble profession by many.

A surgical nurse job is different from a normal nursing job because it is a specialization. To become a surgical nurse, you will need more training, which could be through campus classes or in clinics. Before you apply for a surgical nurse job, you need to evaluate if you have the following qualities:

Endurance & Patience: These two characteristics go hand in hand. Medical surgical nursing is extremely demanding, and your endurance will be tested if ever things go wrong during a surgery. Most basic surgeries last for an hour and the complex ones can last for 10 hours.

Handling Stress: Stress is unwanted and an important part of the surgical nurse job. Complex surgical operation has an air of uncertainty and hence as long as it is not successfully completed, there will be too much stress. So if you are planning to get into medical surgical nursing then you will have to live, eat, sleep and work with the stress.

Willingness: This is a key aspect of any surgical nurse job. Are you willing enough to assist the senior doctors in the operation room? Are you willing to sacrifice you current lifestyle to accommodate the surgical nurse lifestyle? Are you willing to take orders? If the answer is yes for all the three then you will certainly get the surgical nurse job.

The sight of blood: Invariably, blood and surgery go together. We have seen so many people faint at the sight of blood. Are you one of them? If you are strong enough to stand the sight of blood then you are perfect for the surgical nurse job.

Jenny Taylor