Finding The Right Nursing Job

If you are looking for a nursing job then you will need to be either a registered nurse (RN), or a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or licensed vocational nurse (LVN). You can also be a nursing assistant for which you will require the CNA certification. If you are a registered nurse then your nursing job will entail supervising a LPN, and other nursing assistants. As a LPN or a LVN, your nursing job will require you to provide basic care and your will be working under a doctor, or a registered nurse.

As a nursing assistant, you are at the bottom of the ladder. Your nursing job will entail shouldering responsibilities delegated to you by the RN or LPN. As a certified nursing assistant, you will help other nurses in maintaining hygiene, providing psychosocial care, and even administer medicines as prescribed.

A nursing job can also be categorized under full time or part time nursing, hospital nursing, contract nursing, public health nursing, office nursing, private duty nursing, travel nursing and psych nursing.

A nursing job will require your services forty hours a week within a seven-day timeframe, or you can opt for the eighty hour a week within a fourteen-day timeframe. The third option is to go for 160 hours during a four-week period. If you opt for a part time nursing job, then you will have to devote at least 20 hours during a seven-day week. You will be eligible for salary on pro rate basis and will enjoy other benefits.

One of the popular nursing jobs is that of contract nursing. This is a nursing job growing rapidly and is a favorite career opportunity for a RN. If you are looking for a stable and secure future then a full-time nursing job will be the right choice. But if you love to travel and you are open to a nursing job anywhere in the world then travel nursing is what you should go for. In fact travel nursing pays higher than any RN in a full time job.

According to a National Salary Survey of Nurse Practitioners in 2003, it is revealed that the NP salaries are on the rise since the last two years. Due to the availability of nursing job and a growing demand for nurses, the average salary offered was $69,203 in 2003 for a fulltime practitioner nurse as compared to $63,172 in 2001.

Jenny Taylor