Nursing Classes

The nursing classes will vary depending on the branch of nursing that you opt for. The subjects of the nursing classes will be different for a RN or registered nurse program and the course subjects for the LPN training program will be different. The nursing classes can be held online through institutions like Phoenix Online and can be held on campus.

The first and foremost nursing program is that of a nursing assistant and this certification is called CNA. CNA certification will need you to attend all nursing classes so that you can score high grades.

If you are looking at undergraduate programs in nursing then your option is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). A BSN program has two options: The first is a course only for those who don't have the RN license. It will offer you nursing classes with course specific subjects. The second option is for those students who want to shift from the RN to BSN option. This is applicable for licensed RN's only who have attended nursing classes and graduated through hospital based programs or those who have successfully completed a 2 year associate degree program (ADN).

The nursing classes within the undergraduate curriculum of BSN will include subjects dealing with psychosocial, physiological, economic and political factors, which can considerably affect the health of a person. Apart from this the nursing classes will look at providing holistic nursing care in different environments. These nursing classes will make sure that you are able to help your patients reach optimal health.

Another option is the RN to BSN course. This course has nursing classes based on specific subjects developed to meet the need of a working RN. The nursing classes for this course can be offered using distance learning methods. The clinical tests will be conducted in the area or state where the RN is staying.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing or BSN is offered at many institutions and colleges through the country and it is a four year program. Once the nursing classes are over, you have to appear for your graduation exams. If you pass then you will be eligible for the National Council Licensure as Registered Nurses (NCLEX) degree or program.

The accreditation for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing is given by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) as well as the Board of Nurse Examiners for that State.

Jenny Taylor