Nursing Careers

Nursing careers are looking bright especially with the unprecedented growth and the opening of the health care job market. It has been predicted that by the end of 2020, the global nursing market will still be short by a huge 800,000 nurses. By then the world will also have a huge population of elderly people who will require long-term care facilities? Add all this to a top of the line salary, benefits and other perks and you have a great career road ahead.

Today nursing careers means a requirement of 100,000 jobs and this requirement is growing steadily. Nursing careers promises a great salary with California leading the list with $80,000 annually for a nurse practitioner. The lowest is Tennessee with $65,000 annually. With this kind of a salary average nursing careers is going to see a boom shortly.

Nursing careers include different branches of nursing. Depending on your certification, specialization and experience, you can choose your nursing careers. Some of the branches are:

Adult nurses: If your choice of nursing careers deals with adult nursing, then you will be handling mostly injured and sick adults. You will constantly monitor their progress and nurse them back to health through appropriate medications.

Children's nurses: Children's nurses is one of the key areas of nursing careers and in this, you will provide caring and support to sick children and their families. The children may be injured or even suffering from critical or life threatening medical conditions like leukemia.

Mental health nursing: Mental health as the word suggest, deals with people who are suffering from some kind of mental illness and mental disability. These people need more care than normal people and you have to be extremely patient with them. Unlike other patients, mental health nursing will require you to work doubly hard to nurse them back. Nursing careers in mental health is always a challenging task.

Learning disability nursing: If you choose learning disability nursing then you will have to work extremely hard and you need to be extremely compassionate and caring. People with learning disability need time and love. You need to give both if you want your nursing careers to be successful.

Healthcare assistants: As part of nursing careers, you can even become a health care assistant. As a health care assistant, you will be working mostly with other nurses and healthcare professionals. Your responsibility will be taking care of your patients.

Jenny Taylor