Nursing Assistant

If you want to become a nursing assistant, then the first and foremost requirement is not a certificate but compassion. If you are a compassionate person and have a desire of helping other people or the less privileged then you will make a great nursing assistant.

The job is far from easy but being a nursing assistant can be quite rewarding. One of the key factors determining your success and growth as a nursing assistant is patience. Apart from this, you need to have self-confidence and strong interpersonal skills.

To get a nursing assistant certification, you will have to attend a CNA program with at least 75 hours of instruction. The requirements can vary from state to state and the average lies between 75 to 150 hours.

The course of a nursing assistant will consist of subjects like anatomy, infection control, physiology, body mechanics, food and nutrition, communication skills and patient's rights. Apart from the subjects, you will get practical experience to develop personal care skills. These skills will include activities like bathing a patient, feeding them, dressing, and grooming. Other practical skills will involve safe transfer to and from the ambulance.

Once you complete the nursing assistant program, you will have to take the competency examination. This exam includes all your subjects as well as a clinical demonstration. The exam takes place within 4 months of your completion of the nursing assistant course.

The toughest part of a nursing assistant or CNA curriculum is the clinical test. There are many students who find it difficult to clear because of nervousness. After all, the life of a patient is in their hands. Most state examiners will disregard the nervousness and observe how good your care-giving skills really are.

As a part of the practical test, you will have to demonstrate different nursing assistant skills that can vary in safety measures like wheelchair locking, to using gait belts while transferring, and raising the bed rails. As a nursing assistant, the patient's privacy and dignity has to be upheld at all times.

Once you pass the clinical tests, you will get the nursing assistant certification and your name will be added to the State registry of nursing assistants. As Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), you will become an important member of the nursing profession as well as the health care industry. You can also enroll later in LPN and RN nursing programs, which require nursing assistant certification as a minimum requirement.

Jenny Taylor