Selecting The Right Nursing Agencies

Since the medical market opened its doors to nurses, nursing agencies have sprouted in every nook and corner of every metropolitan and cosmopolitan city. Everyone wants to join in on the race to the top and to make some quick money on the way. The reality is that all nursing agencies are not authentic and you need to look only for the best one. Here are some aspects that will help you to determine the right nursing agencies.

Selecting the Right Nursing Agencies

The golden rule is never fall for the lucrative offers they make. 99% of the times, they are not authentic.

If you are looking for travel nursing agencies then the first criteria for determining a good nursing agency is the one who will provide you with travel reimbursement. There are agencies that will pay you per mile you travel for your assignment while others will pay you a lump sum amount. It is important that you check with the nursing agencies what mode of transport they will reimburse you for. This is important because traveling by road or train will be less costly than flight but will take more time. There are some agencies that also provide the facility of car rentals while others may simply deduct your rental car amount from your hourly rate. So you need to clarify this right at the beginning or during the interview.

There are many nursing agencies that offer license reimbursement. If your license expires while you are in a different state, then you will have to take the pain of renewing it. So whatever you pay towards renewal of your nursing license has to be reimbursed by the nursing agency. Always ask for specifics.

One of the most important criteria for choosing nursing agencies is completion bonus. This is provided by the hospital but through the nursing agency. Good and reliable agencies will provide you with the completion bonus and the scrupulous kinds will pocket it. You can ask them for referrals and call them up and find out if they got their completion bonus or not.

Another type of bonus is the extension bonus. Once your assignment and time period is complete, you can decide to go for another term or stay longer than the duration mentioned in your contract. You can ask the nursing agencies what will be your extension bonus, which will in probability be an increase in your hourly rate.

Jenny Taylor