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Nurse salaries depend on the type of nursing profession you choose. As you know, the nursing market has really opened up and today it provides immense opportunity for anyone who wants to follow nursing as a career option. The first and the most important nursing requirement is: CARE. If you can't take care of people then you can't be in this profession. You need to empathize with the patient, help them mentally and physically, provide proper guidance and support and give them hope.

Nursing salaries are dependent on the factors like:

1. Nursing qualification: LPN, LVN, NP, RN etc.

2. The establishment: hospitals, private practitioners, State an Federal health care facilities, travel cruises.

3. The State: The salary varies from state to state like the highest nurse salaries are paid in California and the lowest in Georgia.

4. Experience: The more certification and experience you will have, the higher your nursing salary will be.

5. Type of work: assisting in surgery, first aid etc.

6. Type of specialty

According to the US labor Bureau statistics, we can take a look at the different nurse salalries paid all across the United States.

The nurse salaries for registered nurses or RN in 2006 were:

  • California: $31.88
  • Pennsylvania: $25.00
  • Illinois: $25.00
  • Texas: $25.00
  • Georgia: $23.83
  • Florida: $23.26
  • Tennessee: $22.25

The above is the hourly median rate of the top 7 states.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report in 2004, the nurse salaries for RN were $52,330 per year. The top 10% of the RN's received an average salary of $74,760 per year and the bottom 10% got an average salary of $37,300. The nurse salaries for registered nurses are at least $15,000 more than the salary of the licensed practical nurses (LPN).

On the other hand, the nurse salaries for nurse practitioners or NP for the year 2006 based on the job requirements were:

  • California: $80,000
  • Texas: $71,000
  • Florida: $70,000
  • New York: $70,000
  • Pennsylvania: $70,000
  • Tennessee: $65,000
  • Georgia: $65,000

According to another Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a report has been compiled to find out the annual median nurse salaries in various industries. According to this report employment services recorded the highest with $63,170 followed by general medical and surgical hospitals with $53,450, home health care services at $48,990, physician's offices at $48,250 and nursing care facilities with the lowest at $48,220.

Jenny Taylor