Nurse Employment Opportunities

Nursing is one of the fastest and emerging career choice and the nurse employment market is hot. The demand is at an all time high and there are not enough nurses to fill the positions. If you want to become a nurse then you will need to fulfill certain criteria as specified under the nurse employment requirements.

The minimum qualification required is a bachelor's degree in nursing also called BSN from an accredited institution and after you can follow it up with a course of licensed practical nurse certification or LPN. You can even go for a RN certification, which will qualify you to become a registered nurse.

The largest nurse employment opportunities exist for registered nurses or RN as compared to LPN. Registered nurses are basically healthcare workers, who are directly associated with the patients and talk or interact with their families. As a part of nurse employment, most RN's are expected to take care of out-patient settings as well as bedside care. A registered nurse will have to perform various medical procedures like patient evaluations, monitoring their medical conditions on a regular basis, keeping a track of vital signs, performing medical procedures like phlebotomy, and administering of prescribed medications.

Nurse employment offer registered nurses with an opportunity to be close to the patient concerned and take care of all his/her requirements or needs. It is the responsibility of a RN to notify the doctor of a patient's progress.

A LPN has a similar job profile. They can join a hospital or a nursing home through a nurse employment opportunity. Like RN's, they also work closely with the patient provide them personal care. LPN's work under the RN or the physicians. They are responsible for taking down vital signs like blood pressure, body temperature, blood sugar and make critical reports. They also treat common medical conditions like bedsores, and even help in preparing the patient for different medical procedures or surgery. A licensed practical nurse can work on certain procedures like dressing wounds, cleaning wounds, bathing the patients, and administering injections and enemas.

Today more and more people are choosing nursing as a rewarding career and with the increase in the number of nurse employment, the job market looks promising in the near future. Above all, it is also a financially rewarding career with average median salary for a nursing practitioner being around $74,812 annually.

Jenny Taylor