See The World As A Traveling LPN

Nursing is a career with a huge potential. As of today there is a great demand for lpn travel nurse jobs in the United States, countries in Europe and other parts of the world. Travel nursing jobs require the same qualifications as required by LPN or RN. Travel is a growing as well as lucrative industry that has a growing demand for nurses. Hence lpn travel nurse jobs are one of the most sought after careers,not only because you will get to practice nursing and travel to different destinations but the salary is also great.

LPN travel nurse jobs are mostly available with cruise liners. The reason being cruise liners carry anywhere between 2000 to 3000 people on board and anything can happen on a cruise. There are travelers who have different medical conditions, some of them are under medication, some fall prey to sea sickness and even injuries can happen. Hence lpn travel nurse jobs catering to travelers is being seen as the one of the most lucrative option.

Apart from cruise liners, different states offer travel nurse jobs to qualified professionals. For example, the state of California offers some of the highest paying lpn travel nurse jobs in the country. The state of California requires nurses to assist in ICU/CCU, medical surgery, telemetry nurses and ER. California is a huge state and hence provides the opportunity for nurses to travel from one county to another. California hospitals offer lpn travel nurse jobs and traveling nursing assignments. LPN nurses are getting attracted to this particular type of job due to competitive salaries, different types of benefits including cash bonuses, and the opportunity of travel across the state.

The lpn travel nurse jobs offered in California has opened up new avenues and doors for those who have got their registered nursing certification or other nursing certifications. This is in sync with the high demand of nurses in the various cities and counties of California.

A travel nurse can charge an average of $35 an hour, which can increase to $60 an hour depending on the geographical location or the state. Travel nurse jobs require you to have at least one year of experience working as a registered nurse and a minimum commitment of 12 weeks. There many placement agencies providing lpn travel nurse jobs. Most travel nursing agencies also provide free housing, travel, and a range of benefits.

Jenny Taylor