Know Your Responsibility As A LPN?

The primary responsibility in lpn nursing jobs is to take care of people. Now is you are an LPN, then you will have to take care of people with injuries, people who have come in for a surgery, people who are looking for mental stimulation and spiritual salvation, elderly people, people with rare diseases, mentally disabled patients and people without hope.

Lpn nursing jobs have risen in numbers since 2000 and are growing at a rapid pace. This means that there are more opportunities out there for licensed practical nurses. Lpn nursing jobs doesn't mean that you will be associated only with hospitals, infact there is a wider spectrum, which covers almost all healthcare facilities. Some of the places you will get to work as a licensed practical nurse includes elderly care facilities, community health facilities, private nursing homes, nursing education facility, state government healthcare facility and federal healthcare facilities. The opportunity is huge, the demand is increasing and there are many positions lying vacant for lpn nursing jobs.

Most lpn nursing jobs include responsibilities like noting vital signs of a patient like body temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure, and rate of respiration. Some of the other responsibilities include basic bedside care, giving injections for various medical conditions, giving enemas, first aid dressing and bandages, alcohol and drug detoxification, and treating bedsores among many others.

As a part of the lpn nursing jobs, you will have to regularly monitor your patients and make a report regarding their recovery process and how their body is reacting to the treatment or medications. It is the responsibility of the LPN to collect samples of blood, stool and urine to perform laboratory tests. lpn nursing jobs will require you to take up additional responsibilities include recording fluid and food intake and the result. Is the patient getting any better or is the condition worsening? This is a question that is asked frequently by licensed practical nurses in their job and this represents one of the primary work areas.

The responsibilities depend on the nature of lpn nursing jobs. As an LPN, you may be required to see to it that your patients are comfortable and assist with their personal hygiene, which includes regular bathing, removal of old bandages and dressing of new bandages, and food and fluid intake. You will also have the power to administer medicines and intravenous fluids depending on your position, responsibility and sometimes the medical laws of a particular state.

Jenny Taylor