The Demand For Licensed Practical Nurse Jobs Is Growing

According to the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Statistics, in 2004, licensed practical nurses were recruited in 726,000 jobs. Out of this total, 27% LPN's were attached to a hospital, 25% chose to work with nursing care facilities while 12% were working with physicians in their office. The rest of them were associated with other related services like home health care, community care for elderly people, public educational services, and Federal and State government agencies. From the above statistics, you can make out very well how much the nursing market has grown and what kind of potential it holds for a licensed practical nurse.

Here are some more facts for licensed practical nurse job:

The average annual salary for a licensed practical nurse is: $32,400

The salary range for a LPN varies from: $24,300 to $37,600

The work environment in a licensed practical nurse job includes hospitals, private nursing homes, health care facilities, old age homes, community clinics and other public or government health departments.

If you want to take advantage of this growing demand of a licensed practical nurse job then there are certain requirements that you will have to fulfill. You need to have passed out of high school with a course in biology, algebra, chemistry, psychology, first aid, emergency medical technology, physical education, child growth and development, foods and nutrition, English, and history. After this, you will have to pass the National Council Licensure Examination for licensed practical nurses. This LPN program includes classroom training and clinical practice under supervision.

The opportunities for a licensed practical nurse job have increased multi fold and this unprecedented growth is expected to continue at least for a decade. Predictions are that the job market for LPN is expected to grow by 10%-20% by time we hit 2010. There are more people graduating from nursing schools and there is a steady increase in the number of LPNs today as compared to the statistics five years back.

One of the main reasons for the increase in the number of licensed practical nurse job openings is due to the growing elderly population. Elderly people need more attention and care and this can be provided only by a trained professional like a licensed practical nurse. Another major area that has recorded exceptional growth is nursing homes. Today the requirement for LPNs is more in nursing homes than in hospitals. Apart from all this, a nursing career is rewarding because it offers several benefits like flexible schedule, three 12 hour shifts in a week, and signing bonuses.

Jenny Taylor