Is Licensed Practical Nurse Employment For You?

The licensed practical nurse employment industry has grown almost vertically in the last decade. In 2004, the health care industry was treated as one of the largest occupations with 2.4 million registered nurses and LPN's. The licensed practical nurse employment rate included 3 out of 5 nurses getting a job in hospitals, while the rest got jobs in nursing care facilities, out patient care centers and government agencies. A high number of nurses worked with social assistance agencies. This surge in licensed practical nurse employment led to 1 in every 4 RNs getting part time work.

According to the American Nurses Association, the licensed practical nurse employment has risen with average annual salaries offered for licensed vocational nurses being $35,000. Clinical nurse specialists earned approximately $40,000 a year while nurse practitioners or NP's earned a whopping $70,000 per year. The maximum income went to Nurse Anesthetists who earned $110,000 annually as a part of their licensed practical nurse employment. If this is not lucrative then what is?

According to some market reports, you can expect a shortage of vocational nurses, which will increase in the following years. So if you complete a LPN certification course then you will be eligible for licensed practical nurse employment. As a part of this employment structure, you will be able to acquire a stable and secure job is a positive environment. What more, there are benefits accompanying the licensed practical nurse employment and with additional training you can also grow with the industry as the industry grows with you.

The point is that you need to clear the NCLEX-PN licensing examination, so that you can take advantage of the licensed practical nurse employment market. You can't attend just any LPN program. The course has to be from an accredited institution or a recognized college. Most LPN programs run over a period of not more than three to four semesters. There are many colleges and online institutes who offer licensed practical nurse employment programs as a part of their educational system. So all you have to do is finish the course successfully and then attend campus interviews.

Licensed Practical Nurse Employment Responsibilities Licensed practical nurse employment opportunities are there on offer to anyone ready to take on the responsibilities of being a LPN. The basic responsibilities of a LPN include bedside care, monitoring and recording vital signs like body temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure, and heart beat.

Jenny Taylor