CNA Nursing Job Responsibilities

CNA nursing jobs are available all over the US and pay quite well. A CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant working in a long-term care facility will get a minimum salary of $20,951 annually. The salary provided to nurses through CNA nursing jobs depends on the establishment they are associated with and also on the regulations applicable to nursing in a particular state or county. If we look at Massachusetts, then the average starting salary for a CNA is around $11 to $12 per hour. Some other states offer $8 per hour or while some even offer $14 an hour. CNA nursing jobs are considered to be one of the best start-up jobs in the industry today. With the rising demand, economists are forecasting a hike in the salary in the near future.

Before you can really apply for CNA nursing jobs, you will need to complete your Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training program from an accredited college. You can find Certified Nursing Assistant programs through Red Cross, community colleges and other medical facilities or classifieds. You will also find a lot of colleges offering online certification courses. In online courses, you can complete your subject classes online and they will arrange for your clinical tests at a college in your city or state. The course subjects for CNA nursing jobs are taught by experienced teachers or registered nurses. The duration of the course can vary from college to college. Some colleges offer 4 week training classes while others offer a 2 month course.

Most CNA nursing jobs require you to work closely with patients and provide necessary assistance. Your basic job responsibilities for CNA nursing jobs will include:

1. First aid dressing as well as dressing up in fresh clothes. As a part of the CNA nursing jobs, you will need to assist the patient in taking a bath and also feed him.

2. You have to assist in activities like tub baths, bed baths and showers.

3. Feeding is an important activity. There are patients who can’t eat by themselves. As a CNA, you will have to serve meals and help them to eat.

4. There are many patients who are bed ridden and can’t go to the toilet to do their daily ablutions. As a certified nursing assistant, you will have to help them by providing a clean bedpan & also take them to urinals if necessary.

5. You have to monitor their vital signs on a regular basis.

Jenny Taylor