Become A Licensed Practical Nurse

One of the toughest jobs is that of a nurse and if you want to become a licensed practical nurse or LPN then you will have to fulfill certain requirements. As a part of the job, you will have to take care of a patient, which is a responsibility of the highest order. Hence to become a LPN, you will need to have a proper educational background and you will require a license. If you are a graduate then you can sit for any of the state approved LPN programs and qualify through the licensing examination.

In the last decade or so, we have all seen that the healthcare industry has grown at a fast pace globally. There is a shortage of nurses worldwide as well as in the US. There are more vacancies and fewer nurses available and the demand is ever rising. Hence this is the right time to pursue a nursing career by getting the LPN certification.

You can get a LPN certificate within a year itself. As a RN student, you can become a licensed practical nurse after completing your first year. Some of the subjects of your LPN course will include study of anatomy, first aid, nutrition, physiology, biology, obstetrics, chemistry, pediatrics, and there will be the basic nursing classes.

One of the important points is that you need to get your LPN training from an accredited college or university. The nursing program that you choose has to be accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC). If you join a school that is not accredited then it will delay the process of licensing. The LPN programs are mostly offered by vocational schools although you can check the community colleges in your state of county for LPN programs.

As a licensed practical nurse, you will work under the supervision of a RN or a physician RN. As a LPN, you will be involved in providing bedside nursing and also assist various ADL�s or activities of daily living. You will be responsible for administering treatments and medications as advised by the doctor or RN.

If you want to become a licensed practical nurse then it is the best way to pursue a career that has a huge demand in the world market. A LPN degree will help you to secure your future as a nurse and you can always study further to progress to a higher level.

Jenny Taylor